Head Lice

Head Lice

Head Lice

There has been a case of Head Lice in Orange Room. Head lice are tiny insects that live in human hair. They’re particularly common in children.


Preventing head lice

It’s difficult to prevent a head lice infestation because head lice are spread by head-to-head contact.

Regular detection combing – for example, on a weekly basis – is the best way to find new lice quickly.

Lotions and sprays don’t prevent head lice infestations and should only be used if a live louse has been found on your, or your child’s, head.

Head lice can be effectively treated with medicated lotions or by wet combing using a specially designed head lice comb.


Treating head lice

Head lice can usually be effectively treated with lotions or sprays designed to kill head lice, or by wet combing, using a specially designed head lice comb (see above).

Wet combing can be used without lotions or sprays, but it needs to be done regularly and can take a long time to do thoroughly.

Lotions or sprays can be used as an alternative. However, to be totally effective they need to be applied correctly and thoroughly. Your pharmacist will be able to recommend an over-the-counter lotion or spray and give you advice about how to use it correctly.


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