Our Food Standards

Our Food Standards

Our Food Standards

You may have seen the inaccurate account of our food standards rating in the Bristol Post yesterday.

The version that went to print shows a large photo of our school, stamped with a “1 Star Rated” sticker which is inaccurate, and damaging to our reputation as a school that cares deeply about our food service – not just about food hygiene, but also the quality and nutritional values of the food we serve, with care, daily.

On March 4th we received an inspection by Environmental Health and we were allocated four stars under their safety rating for compliance with food hygiene, safety, management and control procedures.

We were contacted by the journalist behind this story, Michael Yong, earlier this week – before the story went to print – and our Business Manager informed Mr Yong of our recent inspection and the high rating we received. Mr Yong still went to print with information that is misleading, clearly labelling our school as having a one star rating.

We believe this to be bad journalism, going for the easy headline, and choosing not to reflect our recently achieved high rating, and painting us, unfairly, in a negative light. We worked hard to achieve our four star rating, and care passionately about the high standards we hold ourselves to.

We have a detailed Management System for catering that ensures food safety checks are carried out at each day – this includes fridge temperature checks, cleaning checks, cooked food temperature readings etc. When you come into school you will see that our kitchens are kept spotlessly clean throughout the day. In addition all staff have had Food Safety Hygiene Training, many to commercial catering level.

Please support us in this by contacting Michael Yong on twitter – @Michael_Yong – to voice your concerns about these inaccuracies (as we have done), in the hope that we receive an apology and the errors are retracted and our accomplishments as a school are accurately reflected in the future.