Save State-Funded Nursery Schools

Save State-Funded Nursery Schools

Save State-Funded Nursery Schools

The government’s consultation paper (Early Years Funding: changes to funding for 3 & 4 year olds 11/8/16) outlined proposals that will leave Nursery schools financially nonviable, forcing them to close. This funding will not cover basic costs, let alone staffing with qualified teachers.

Please take some time to read this open letter over on the TES website.

State nursery schools have very good outcomes with regard to closing the achievement gap and supporting children with special needs. State nursery schools are legally required to employ highly-qualified teaching staff, who are proven to give young children the best opportunities for academic achievement and enabling social mobility.

An online petition requests the House of Commons to urge the government to recognise the school status of State nursery schools and fund them accordingly.

Please click here, and sign the petition, and help protect the future of Nursery schools in the UK.