What’s so good about wood?

What’s so good about wood?

What’s so good about wood?

Pete Moorhouse, our Artist Educator, recently had a conversation with Community Playthings about why he thinks woodworking is so important.

Woodwork provides a unique experience for children. It is hugely popular and children’s focus and engagement is sustained for extremely long periods.  I see woodwork as another medium with which children can express their imagination and the creative possibilities are endless.

Woodwork encompasses all curriculum areas such as mathematical thinking and physical development but I believe it also goes beyond curriculum. It is so important children get to experience real tools – it’s shocking to think that most children currently go through their entire education and never use tools. The experience provides children with life skills – the ability to make and repair rather than consume and dispose; also the ability explore ideas practically, a skill so important to innovation, science and design. As children construct their models they encounter many problems – how can I fix this to that? What length nail should I use?

I really believe every child should have the opportunity to experience woodwork – for many children it is the key that unlocks their learning. It is certainly a real joy to see their deep engagement and pride in their achievements.

You can read the full interview over at Community Playthings.