Newsletter – Term 1 – October 2019

Newsletter – Term 1 – October 2019

Newsletter – Term 1 – October 2019

It’s been such a busy term! Thank you so much for all your support with settling your children into Nursery. The children are doing really well, developing in confidence to explore their new environments and become more independent. We really believe settling well is the bedrock for learning here. Before your child is ready to engage in new activities, it is essential that they feel safe and feel secure in their new relationships.

This term we have raised £117 for MacMillan through the sale of cakes and a staff raffle. We have received a new woodwork bench, donated by Community Playthings. We have been awarded £5000 from the Quartet Foundation to begin work on improving our garden. We have started work on developing our Reflection Garden; please donate to our Crowd Funding Site in memory of Mel Beckford. Finally, thank you to everyone who dressed up as a Super Hero and donated to the Norries Foundation Charity. Oh, and we’ve introduced a new approach to our learning Diaries. We will be seeking your feedback on this next term.

We’re all looking forward to next term; we couldn’t do it without all your generous support!

– Mandy

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