Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update (14th May)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update (14th May)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update (14th May)

Dear Parents/Carers,

As many of you will now know Nursery schools have been advised by the Government that, subject to conditions, childminders and all early years settings can open to more children from 1 June”.  I am sure that some of you are feeling very anxious about this possible return.

As educators, our priority is always the safety of everyone in the school community. We are waiting to receive more information from the Government about what this means for our Nursery School and until then we will be unlikely to be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Rest assured school staff and Governors are working tirelessly on your behalf and in consultation with the Local Authority and Union Leaders so that we can gain a better understanding of the plan and seek further clarification as to the best way forward. We will also be ringing you over the next few weeks to find out if you want your children to return at this time.

St Werburgh’s Nursery is likely to look like a very different place and our wonderful provision will have to be adapted also, to ensure we meet safety requirements as best we can.

In the meantime, we will be continuing, as before, to remain open on request for children of critical workers and vulnerable children who cannot be safely cared for at home. We will continue to add stories and activities that you can share with your child on our YouTube Channel.

We have your child’s best interests at heart with all the decisions that we will make. We are not medical professionals so we cannot guarantee 100% safety or fully understand the risks involved.  However, will make every effort to make our school as safe as possible, because we all care so much about your children.

Yours Sincerely,

Mandy Collier-King