Learning at Home

Learning at Home

Learning at Home

As you are aware, at this time we are unable to provide places for all children at Nursery. Many of you have shared that whilst in Lockdown you prefer to keep your children at home to ensure they and your family are safe. We are remaining open to support the children of key workers and those who have been identified as vulnerable. We are so pleased that we have been able to do this safely.

We want to maintain an active link with our children who remain at home. Each week we will be providing ideas, support and activities to help you work and play with your child at home.

We are offering a weekly programme. This will enable you to anticipate when new activities or ideas are posted.

We are also hoping to offer access to some live Zoom sessions during the week so that children can make a connection with a staff member and see other children from Nursery. This will be an open invite to all the children, rather than to specific classes.

Please note that there is no pressure to complete activities but we want to ensure your child continues to have access to learning if you choose this for them.

The activities will need resources that you should be able to find easily at home. If, however different resources are needed we will provide packs for families that request them. We will have the packs ready for you to collect once the activity has been uploaded and you have chosen to follow it.

You can find our YouTube channel here. You will find lots of stories already there for your child to watch with you.

We will be launching our ParentMail system for easier communication next Thursday (21st). This will enable us to send you reminders that things have been uploaded and also times and passwords for Zoom sessions.

Your child’s class team will also ring you regularly to see how you are getting on and to keep you up to date with the situation at Nursery. Please ask staff if you have any questions regarding the above and please share with us if your situation changes in any way.

We thank you for your support in helping us with reducing the risk of transmission in our community.

Thank you,

Mandy Collier-King