30-Hour Places

30-Hour Places

30-Hour Places

St. Werburgh’s Park Nursery School offers 30-hour places where we have availability. If you would like to apply for a 30-hour place from September please do so as soon as possible so that there is sufficient time for you to apply, receive your eligibility code and for Bristol City Council to validate the code before we can offer a place.

You can apply for a code once your child is 2 year and 10 months old and should be done through the Childcare Choices website – https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk. You will need a Government Gateway ID and password to access a childcare account.

Further information and details on eligibility can be found on the attached factsheet.

Once you receive an eligibility code please put this on a 30-hour EYR1 form available from the school office. Unfortunately, we cannot accept an eligibility code that is not on an EYR1 form as Bristol City Council will not be able to process it without the permissions you sign on that form.

The eligibility code is a temporary code and you will need to sign into your account to re-confirm your eligibility every three months in order to keep a 30 hour place throughout the school year. Please do this as and when you are prompted to by HMRC.

If your child is returning for their second year and is already accessing a 30 hour place we still need you to complete an EYR1 for the new academic year. If we don’t receive a form from you it will be assumed that you no longer require a 30 hour place and your child will be allocated a 15 hour place.