A COVID-19 Update from our Headteacher

A COVID-19 Update from our Headteacher

A COVID-19 Update from our Headteacher

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following a meeting with Public Health England yesterday I would like to update you on the most recent information regarding the situation with Covid-19.

Although rates in Bristol are significantly lower than they were a few months ago a small spike in Bristol Primary Schools was reported before the half-term break. We also know of a couple of cases in Bristol Nursery Schools. We feel very lucky not to have had any reported positive cases for a long time.

Interestingly, in the cases reported, the symptoms were not those that we have been urged to look out for. There were also many asymptomatic cases. The common symptoms reported in children were headaches, sore throats and a general feeling of being unwell. As you will agree, these symptoms are often associated with many common illnesses, including hay fever! We have been urged by Public Health England to encourage our families to acquire Lateral Flow Tests and to test twice a week to ensure any asymptomatic cases are picked up quickly. We are not asking you to test your children. Testing very young children is difficult. However, we are asking you to test yourselves and any older children within your households.

Even if you have received your full vaccinations, it is important that you test twice weekly. The staff here all test themselves on Sundays and Wednesdays. Lateral Flow Tests can be ordered free of charge online via the www.gov.uk site or by calling 119.

If you do have a positive test it is very important that you let us know so that we can trace and track any close contacts. You also need to do a PCR test to confirm that you do have Covid-19. You/your child can only return to work/school if your test is negative or when you/they have completed the 10 day quarantine period.

I really hope that if we all do our bit at this crucial point we can continue to keep our school and community safe. However, we will need to be vigilant with even mild symptoms in children so please keep your child home if they show any signs of feeling unwell. We will work hard to keep the Nursery School open but there is still a risk of short notice closures. We will never take the decision to close lightly as we are very aware of the impact this could have on your working lives.

We thank you for your ongoing support,

Take care and stay safe,

Mandy Collier-King
Acting Headteacher