Newsletter – Term 1 – October 2021

Newsletter – Term 1 – October 2021

Newsletter – Term 1 – October 2021

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It has been a lovely start to this year! We love to welcome back our “returning” children and meet children and families that are new to us. Everyone is working really hard to make sure that the children are settling in well, building relationships with staff and new friends and feeling secure in their environments.

This term our focus for learning is helping children to learn that their parent/carer will return soon, where to find resources in the classroom, how to follow routines, e.g. snack time, washing hands, hanging up coats and how to begin to share with their peers. These early skills are essential for children starting their journey at Nursery School. They provide a strong foundation for developing the future skills needed to become great learners!

Last year we created our own YouTube channel so that children and families could still access learning if they were unable to come to Nursery School. Please feel free to search for us on YouTube and share the stories and activities with your child at home. We hope to continue to build on this work this year and create a fantastic resource to support you with supporting learning at home. If there is anything you would like us to add to this content, please ask.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash