Learning in the Blue Room – Term 4 and 5

Learning in the Blue Room – Term 4 and 5

Learning in the Blue Room – Term 4 and 5


During Term 4 the children in Blue room have learnt all the skills they needed to plan and then make something with wood. The children learnt how to use hammers, nails, and saws. They learnt how to make a plan and then follow it! Here are some photos of their journey.

Sunflower Maths Challenge

The children have been developing their maths skills through their explorations of Sunflowers and Dandelions. They have explored how to use a 5-frame to find out how many they have or how many they need. A 5-frame helps children to develop a visual sense of number. They can see if the frame is “full” or “not full”. This work will provide a fantastic foundation to build their ability to manipulate numbers.

Tell a Story

In term 5 the children are creating, telling and acting out their own stories. They have explored lots of books and are starting to learn about how stories are structured. They have thought about characters, how stories always have a problem and how they might end. They have shared their own stories and then used our “Story Squares” to share these with their friends. The children in Blue Room love acting out the characters!