The Nursery School provides nursery education to 150 children aged 3 and 4 years old and to 32 two- year- olds. The teachers and support staff are well regarded by health professionals as having particular skills and expertise in supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities. In any Local Authority Funded Maintained Nursery School you will find a high number of qualified and experienced early years teachers & early years practitioners; high priority is given to continuing professional development with a specific focus on educating our youngest children and working in partnership with their families.

Children are based in one of our six classrooms – Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue , Purple and Red – learning is led by a qualified Teacher supported by Early Years Practitioners and Early Years Support Workers. Click here to see the section on our Nursery classrooms.

Purple Room, and Red Room have places for children aged 2 to 3 years old who are entitled to the Government’s free fifteen hours education; there are also some paid Daycare places for working parents and carers. The other four Nursery Classes have places for the Government’s free fifteen and free thirty hours offer of education.

All the classrooms have access to our garden so that children’s learning is divided equally between the indoor and outdoor environment. Click here to see the section on our garden.