Artist Educator

At St Werburgh’s Park Nursery we place much importance on encouraging creativity throughout our setting. We have an Artist in Residence, Pete Moorhouse, who works with children and staff to enrich the programs and encourage creative thinking through various provocations and longer term projects.

Postcard (2) pete

Pete is an Artist Educator who also works as a professional sculptor and public artist. See for more information. He had been working in education for over 20 years and provides a variety of creative sessions for children and provides training for teachers. Pete has participated in two in depth study courses in Reggio Emilia – the home of the world renowned innovative pre-schools in northern Italy.

Pete is the author of “Woodwork in Early Years Education” and has several articles published in educational journals. He delivers CPD training and conference presentations throughout the UK and overseas. See our training section for training sessions currently available at St Werburgh’s which are available to everyone – parents and practitioners.

A variety of creative sessions are provided for the children which allow open ended exploration and various line of enquiry such as:

A3 poster (4)
exploring colour

shadow Postcard (2)[1]
investigating light and shadow

Postcard (3) A3 poster (8)

A3 poster (11) A3 poster (9)
natural materials

intelligent materials

A3 poster (3) A3 poster (16)
creative woodworking

Sound Garden Project (28)
investigating materials

Sound Garden Project (177)
sound exploration


Pete also works with the children on longer term projects developing deep thinking. Below are some examples of recent projects:

Postcard (6)
Sound Garden

Conf (116)
Sculpture projects

Pete (9) (Medium)
Mud kitchen


This year our focus will be making improvements to our environment especially the outdoor environment. We hope to design and construct a play house and make other features that encourage physical development and imaginative play. We will also be concentrating on woodworking skills to allow the children to build their designs.

Pete very much welcomes feedback from any of the sessions your children participate in. Please comment below.