Groups run at St. Werburgh’s Park


Stay and Play

Stay and Play is now being run by St. Werburgh’s Park Nursery School staff and volunteers starting on Thursday 5th January 2017.

This is a popular weekly group with a range of play activities for all families with children under 5.

This will be held every Thursday, from 9:15am – 11:00am, at St.Werburgh’s Park Nursery School, Glenfrome Road, St Werburgh’s, BS2 9UX.

We ask for a voluntary contribution of £1.50 towards the costs of running the group, fruit and resources.


Come and Play – Rainbows

Group with a range of play activities for families with children with complex needs.

  • To build parents/carers confidence in supporting the development of their child.
  • To promote the importance of play to raise awareness of benefits to health, well-being, learning of children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities.
  • A space for parents to come together, share experiences and support each other in stimulating and challenging play environment.

At St.Werburgh’s Park Nursery School, Glenfrome Road, St Werburgh’s, BS2 9UX

Every Wednesday 9.30am – 11.30am starting from Wednesday 14th September.

Ice World
is a sensory activity that involves playing with ice, water and tongs. The amazing thing about sensory play is that it opens the door to so many wonderful learning opportunities such as imaginative play, language exploration, fine motor development for pre-writing skills, coordination, social interactions and so much more.

Sensory play allows for many unstructured learning experiences, for the freedom to explore and discover the world around them. Active play has been proven to help children to develop better physical, social, mental and emotional skills.

The malleable properties of play dough make it fun for investigation and exploration as well as secretly building up strength in all the tiny hand muscles and tendons, making them ready for pencil and scissor control later on. As a part of simple, tactile play it can be squashed, squeezed, rolled, flattened, chopped, cut, scored, raked, punctured, poked and shredded! Each one of these different actions aids fine motor development in a different way, not to mention hand-eye co ordination and general concentration. And as soon as you add another element to it, the list of benefits and creative play possibilities continues to grow.

We love it when common materials become engaging play activities for children – shredded Paper for Sensory Play; children love the crunchy sound it makes between their fingers and watching how lightly it floats to the ground when it’s thrown in the air.



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