SLE School to School Support

BEYTC is a consortium of 3 outstanding Bristol based Early Years settings all of whom are National Teaching Schools:

  • Redcliffe Children’s Centre and Nursery School
  • St Pauls Nursery School
  • St Werburgh’s Park Nursery School

All Head Teachers are NLEs with a proven track record of delivering training to leaders, leadership teams, teachers/practioners, &  parents/carers that makes a lasting difference to ethos & practice.

We offer:

  • Effective CPD at all levels including Masters
  • Leadership development and succession planning
  • Bespoke school support including support from Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
  • Initial Teacher Training through a range of partnership based routes
  • Appropriate person and NQT support

We believe that:

“There is, I believe, actually nothing more powerful to say about education than this: that all people, however young or old, have an enormous drive and capacity to learn;……that the most effective teachers trust learners, enhance their self-esteem, have no need to control them, provide an unconditional support which doesn’t go too far; and value all types of intelligence in all areas of learning” Paul Ginnis – Freethinkers Guide to the Educational Universe – Jan ‘94

This encapsulates our vision & drive to strengthen our own & others ‘learner centred leadership’ practice through:

  • Equitable pedagogy
  • Capacity building
  • Critical enquiry
  • Cohesive communities

We work with children, families, practitioners, adult learners, our education & other sector colleagues, & communities at a local, national & international level.

Our work together as a collaborative partnership is based on our individual strengths, it has unequivocal high standards & builds on active research & evidence based practice.  We hold the learner firmly at the heart of all our learning, provide challenges to reflect on & develop emotionally & culturally intelligent leadership at all levels and have great expertise in  narrowing the gap in outcomes  &  achievement for both children & families.

Our specialisms include:

  • Outdoor Learning/ Forest Experiences
  • Early Mathematics
  • Developing Children’s Narrative
  • Supporting Children’s Book Experiences
  • Children’s Food Awareness
  • SEN & Inclusion
  • Leadership at all levels
  • Supervision
  • Coaching
  • Data tracking & assessment
  • Governance
  • Multi-agency Practice
  • Research & reflective practice
  • Learning to learn – Effective Characteristics of Learning
  • Making Learning Visible
  • Narrowing the gap for minority ethnic groups & EAL learners
  • Developing an Emotionally Enabling Environment

How Support Works:

Support is completely tailored to your school/ setting’s needs.

Commonly, we would identify a practitioner (practioner,teacher, leader or headteacher) with specific expertise who can be ‘deployed’ into your school/setting to provide support, for example through coaching and mentoring your own staff or working alongside you to put strategies and systems in place.

Support from:

  • A middle or senior leader, including our designated Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)  is charged at £300 per day
  • Support from a headteacher is £500 per day

A deployment could be for a day, a few days or much longer – depending on what you need. The time can be arranged as consecutive days or spread over a longer period. If a longer deployment is agreed, we are open to negotiation on rates.

We are also able to offer one-off visits to see specific practice in our schools/settings, for example through ‘learning walks’, lesson observations and discussions with staff.

Specialist Leaders of Education Support (SLEs)

When you contact BEYTC with your request for support one of the 3 settings will contact you to establish the exact nature of and desired outcomes of the support requested.

That setting  will act as a ‘broker’ or go-between, to set everything up and to help with any queries you might have. Your school/setting will pay Bristol Early Years Teaching Consortium (BEYTC) for the support that is agreed once the Final Evaluation has been completed.

BEYTC has been commissioned by Bristol Early Years Improvement Team and currently have designated SLE’s who can offer support in:

  • Family Support
  • Under Threes
  • Early Mathematics
  • Transition & Assessment
  • Language & Communication
  • BME/ EAL Achievement

For Support (including that provided by SLEs) please Download our School Support Request Form.

We look forward to working with you.

Elizabeth Carruthers – Redcliffe Children’s Centre and Nursery School
Lucy Driver – St Pauls Nursery School
Mandy Collier-King – St Werburgh’s Park Nursery School